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ExoShape® Surgical Technique Video


The ExoShape® ACL Fixation System is MedShape's latest innovation in ACL reconstruction. Made out of MedShape's proprietary shape memory PEEK Altera®, ExoShape® is the ONLY all PEEK device system that offers NON-ROTATIONAL aperture soft tissue graft fixation on both the femoral and tibial sides to achieve complete anatomic ACL reconstruction. Compatible for both transtibial and anteromedial approaches, ExoShape® Femoral comes pre-loaded on a delivery system with a flexible rod to facilitate non-line of sight delivery along a curved path in the joint. Here are some other exciting features of the ExoShape® ACL Fixation System:

ExoShape® FEMORAL Soft Tissue Fastener

    • Tendon Loop Maximizes Graft Length in Tunnel (at least 20 mm)

    • Compressed Geometry reduces insertion forces

    • Low Profile Surface Texture provides fixation without damaging the graft

    • Superior Fixation into cancellous bone achieved via expansion of Shape Memory Wings

  • Expandable Block Lock technology provides Graft Compression and Aperture Fixation


ExoShape® TIBIAL Soft Tissue Fastener

    • Two-sided compressed profile allows Accurate Anatomic Placement of graft bundles

    • Non-rotational deployment maintains Preferred Graft Orientation

    • Desired Graft Tension maintained during fixation using the "closed force loop" deployment method

    • 360° radial expansion of Sheath enables Strong, Secure Fixation

  • Low profile surface texture and non-rotational insertion provides Total Graft Protection

ExoShape® FEMORAL is available in sizes 8-11 mm and 21 mm in length. ExoShape® TIBIAL is available in 7-12 mm and 30 mm in length.

Protected by Patient No. 8, 069, 858. Other U.S. and International Patents Pending. The ExoShape® FEMORAL and TIBIAL Soft Tissue Fasteners have been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration for sale in the United States.