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The Morphix® SP Suture Anchor is MedShape’s latest innovation in soft tissue repair. Morphix® SP offers the same performance benefits as its predecessor (Morphix® Suture Anchor) but now includes new Scoria™ porous surface technology. The porous layer is located at the top of the implant at the interface between soft tissue and bone. Morphix SP also has the following features:

  • Expandable Shape-Memory Wings provide secure, long-term fixation (Pullout Strength = 320N1)
  • Available in 5.5 mm diameter, perfect for those challenging repair procedures where strong fixation is required.
  • Loaded on a disposable inserter handle with 2 USP #2 high-strength polyethylene sutures.

Click here to learn more about PEEK Scoria™.

For repairing a sports injury or normal wear-and-tear on tendons and ligaments, the Morphix® Suture Anchor is the smallest and strongest polymer anchor on the market and offers improved cyclic loading stability—this means less chance of the surgical repair failing during the healing process.

The Morphix® Suture Anchor’s strong and versatile design:

Features dynamic wings that deploy sub-cortically and expand 100%.

The design of the Morphix® Suture Anchor is based on university research into anchor design and
performance1. The Morphix® Suture Anchor deploys dynamic wings with a high bearing area into the
cancellous bone beneath the cortical shelf for improved device fixation.

Maintains fixation strength during and after cyclic loading.

Active rehabilitation can cause anchor migration and loosening which may lead to clinical failure
of the repair. Laboratory testing has shown that traditional anchor pullout can occur under 1,000
cycles at a load less than 50% of initial pullout strength2. The Morphix® Suture Anchor
responds positively to cyclic loading due to its dynamic geometry and stored shape memory
strain. After implantation, cyclic loading stimulates the Morphix® Suture Anchor to attain its
permanent, fully open “zero-strain” state. This results in continued wing expansion and retention
of initial pullout strength3.

Simplifies device insertion and expansion.

The shape memory Morphix® Suture Anchor is delivered pre-compressed in a low-profile
geometry that inserts easily into the surgical site. The Morphix® Suture Anchor is rapidly deployed
utilizing a simple and reproducible tap-in technique.

Reduces common failure modes.

Strong one-piece PEEK Altera® suture eyelet eliminates the risk of breakage often associated
with resorbable eyelet materials and suture loop eyelet designs. The design of the Morphix®
Suture Anchor efficiently distributes stresses and maintains implant integrity.

Offers many sizes and options to meet every clinical situation.

The Morphix® Suture Anchor is available in 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.5mm and 5.5mm diameters and in
a range of suture and needle configurations. 

Morphix® and Morphix® SP have been cleared for sale by the United States Food and Drug Administration in the United States.

One shape for easy insertion. Another shape for secure fixation.
A simple way to trigger the transformation. Now that’s genius.

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