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MedShape. We are what the future feels like. As a constantly evolving orthopedic foot & ankle device company, we fuse brilliant design with surgical expertise using proprietary advanced material technologies. Now surgeons can use the most innovative orthopedic devices anywhere – unique devices that can transform and adapt inside the body. Together, we are dramatically improving the technology of joint fusion and soft tissue fixation.


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DynaNail TTC Fusion Surgical Video

DynaClipTM Bone Fixation System is designed for use in joint fusion and osteotomy procedures including Lapidus fusio, Akin osteotomy, midfoot fusion, and calcaneal osteotomies.


DynaNail TT Fusion System

The DynaNail® TTC Fusion System is designed for tibiotalocalcaneal (TTC) arthrodesis procedures to address degenerative conditions, correct joint deformities and revise failed total ankle replacements or arthrodesis non-unions.

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What Surgeons Are Saying:

“The DynaNail is an unrivaled orthopedic device and my implant of choice for hindfoot arthrodesis. No other hindfoot fusion device allows for intraoperative compression and accounts for postoperative bone resorption through sustained dynamic compression. It’s amazing to ‘see’ the DynaNail at work!”

– Samuel Adams, MD. Duke University

"The DynaNail is a really important tool in my armamentarium and has been of particular value treating my high-risk patients. It is backed by strong, sound basic science as well as good clinical evidence."

- Jason Bariteau, MD. Emory University

“The non-rotational deployment of the Eclipse anchor greatly simplifies my soft tissue fixation procedures and ensures the tendon maintains its structural integrity and stays in the position I want.”

– Kent Ellington, MD. OrthoCarolina Foot & Ankle Institute

"I have been a long-term staple user for multiple indications in the foot and ankle. I find that the MedShape DynaClip Staple System offers an easier instrumentation kit and a stronger implant across the bridge. I believe that this should result in more reliable healing and fewer implant failures."

- Selene G. Parekh, MD. Duke University