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In 2005, MedShape was founded on an idea between a university professor and a foot & ankle surgeon to leverage the shape changing properties of nickel titanium (NiTiNOL) to aid in bone healing for joint fusion surgery. Fast forward to today and MedShape has evolved into the leading manufacturer of orthopaedic foot & ankle devices using shape changing metal and polymer technologies.

Our name conveys our very essence: science-driven medical devices that utilize the unique capabilities of a new generation of biomaterials. The innovation and drive you find at MedShape is built into our brand and our products. We produce dynamic products that eclipse other market offerings and morph the traditional treatment continuum for surgeons.

Our philosophy is to foster collaborations amongst researchers, engineers, and surgeons to deliver effective solutions to significant clinical challenges in foot & ankle. Thanks to our academic roots with leading institutions such as the Georgia Institute of Technology and Duke University, MedShape remains actively involved in biomedical materials research, striving to always stay one step ahead of the latest innovations. Our ideas have been brought to fruition thanks to support from top national agencies including the National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health. Fusing elegant designs with active materials technology, MedShape is transforming outcomes, bringing excellence, and improving the lives of patients. Dedication. Progression. Innovation.

Our Company:

MedShape, Inc. is a privately held orthopedic device company located in Atlanta, GA working to provide innovative surgical solutions to foot & ankle surgeons using our patented NiTiNOL and shape memory polymer technologies. The company’s product portfolio includes devices for both joint fusion and soft tissue repair surgery.