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Change isn't good. It's great. That's why it's built into our culture and our products. We seek change, demand it and embrace it. Our radical thinking generates novel ideas that lead to real innovation. Founded in 2005 out of the university setting by a small group of engineers and surgeons, MedShape has evolved into the leading manufacturer of orthopaedic devices that utilize advanced material technologies. Through our affiliation with the Georgia Institute of Technology, the brightest young minds in engineering and materials science come to us to work hand in hand with renowned surgeons, world-class researchers and experienced medical device designers. We have attracted elite talent from the industry with vast experience in founding and growing orthopedics and medical device companies. Together, we deliver imaginative, effective solutions to orthopedic surgical challenges. Our unconventional, collaborative approach is a powerful creative force and, by harnessing it, we put the future of orthopedic fixation into surgeons' hands today.

Board of Directors

Kurt Jacobus, PhD
President & CEO
  Niles Noblitt
Paul Hills
  Ken Gall, PhD
Greg Dane
  Thomas Hills
Doug Kohrs
  Dennis Stripe