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Eclipse™ Soft Tissue Anchor

The Eclipse Soft Tissue Anchor is designed for the fixation of soft tissue (tendons and ligaments) to bone in tenodesis, tendon transfer, and ligament reconstruction procedures.

Manufactured out of shape memory PEEK Altera®, the Eclipse’s innovative sheath-and-bullet design eliminates the hassle associated with other tenodesis devices, namely interference screws, rotating or lacerating the tendon. Simply pull the trigger and watch the Eclipse expand and lock the soft tissue in bone!

Eclipse- Features & Benefits as a Soft Tissue Fixation DeviceFeatures & Benefits as a Soft Tissue Fixation Device

  • One-sided compressed Sheath profile mates with soft tissue in the tunnel for easy insertion.
  • Non-rotational deployment preserves the surgeon-preferred soft tissue orientation.
  • Effective soft tissue compression aids in soft tissue-to-bone healing.
  • Low profile surface texture reduces soft tissue damage compared with aggressive threads with interference screws.
  • Loaded on disposable Deployment Gun for fast, easy insertion and handling
  • All disposable instrumentation

Procedural Versatility

Eclipse Soft Tissue Anchor - Competitive Performance SummaryAvailable in a broad range of diameters and lengths to accommodate any tenodesis device procedures:

  • Lateral Ankle Stabilization
  • FDL/FHL Tendon Transfers
  • Posterior Tibial Tibialis Tendon Transfer
  • Proximal Biceps Repair
  • Medial Patellofemoral (MPFL) Reconstruction

The Proof Is In The Science

The Eclipse Soft Tissue Anchor offers superior fixation strength compared with competitor interference screw soft tissue fixation devices across all size offerings.