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The Morphix® Suture Anchor is designed for the reattachment of soft tissue (tendons and ligaments) to bone in tenodesis, tendon transfer, and ligament repair procedures.

The design of the Morphix Suture Anchor is based on university research into anchor design and performance around the importance of bearing area under the bone in suture anchor fixation.1 Manufactured out of MedShape’s proprietary shape memory PEEK Altera®, the Morphix Suture Anchor deploys dynamic wings with a high bearing area into the cancellous bone beneath the cortical shelf for improved device fixation.

Morphix - Features & BenefitsShape Memory Suture Anchor – Features & Benefits

  • Dynamic wings that deploy sub-cortically and expand 100%
  • Maintains fixation strength during and after cyclic loading
  • Disposable Inserter simplifies device insertion and deployment
  • Robust design reduces common failure modes
  • Multiple size and suture offerings to meet every clinical situation

Cycling Loading ChartThe Proof Is In The Science

Laboratory testing has shown that traditional anchor pullout can occur under 1,000 cycles at a load less than 50% of initial pullout strength.1 The Morphix® Suture Anchor responds positively to cyclic loading due to its dynamic geometry and stored shape memory strain. After implantation, cyclic loading stimulates the Morphix® Suture Anchor to attain its permanent, fully open “zero-strain” state. This results in continued wing expansion and retention of initial pullout strength.1

1Yakacki CM, Griffis J, Poukalova M, Gall K. Bearing area: a new indication for suture anchor pullout strength? J Orthop Res 2009; 27(8): 1048-54.

2Data on File, MedShape, 2013.