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What’s in a name? At MedShape, our name conveys our very essence: science driven medical devices that utilize the unique capabilities of a new generation of biomaterials. MedShape has several innovative material technology platforms that convey how our vision, expertise, and passion continue to evolve orthopedic surgery. Are you ready to evolve with us?

Nickel Titanium

MedShape has created a new paradigm for incorporating NiTiNOL into biomedical devices, opening up the door for a suite of new surgical solutions that actively participate in bone healing. Read on to learn more….

Shape Memory Polymers

Shape memory polymers (SMPs) are a class of “smart” materials that can remember their shape and transition easily between shapes in response to a stimulus or “trigger”. MedShape was the first company to have FDA cleared and commercialized medical devices manufactured from shape memory polymers. Read on to learn more….